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Local Counsel

Local Counsel

Local Counsel

Sometimes an attorney is faced with litigation in a state or a county in which he or she does not have an office, and the attorney may also not have experience with the local court involved. In these situations, the attorney may designate a local attorney as “local counsel” to assist on the case.

For decades, Mr. Tate has served as local counsel to both out-of-state and out-of-county law firms in Fort Bend County cases. As local counsel, we provide a range of services depending on the needs of lead counsel and the client. Some of the assistance we provide may include:

  • Reviewing pleadings to be sure they comply with local rules.
  • Filing pleadings after review, either electronically or in person, with the court.
  • Court appearances.
  • Attending depositions and conferences.
  • Negotiating, or participating in negotiations, with opposing counsel.
  • Preparing motions and attending hearings when required.
  • Participating in scheduling conferences.
  • Assisting at trial.

Our role will be as comprehensive or as limited as defined by our written agreement with out-of-area counsel and the client.

Why Attorney Richard L. Tate

Our 30 years of litigation experience in Fort Bend County and our knowledge of the courts’ rules and practices make us the ideal choice for designation as your local counsel. When you have a need for local counsel, we can help. Contact us for more information.